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Socket Error Connection Timeout, How to fix?

Socket Error Connection Timeout, How to fix?

Socket Error Connection Timeout, How to fix?

Have you experienced problems when connecting to the server instead of Connection Timeout? if so maybe i can help a little about your problem. tspi before that we first introduced it with Socket.

What is the Socket?

Socket or Network Socket is a mechanism provided by the operating system so that applications can communicate with other applications via internet protocol. The socket made by the server application is called the Socket Server, which is passive waiting for the connection from the client. Sockets created by client applications are called Client Sockets that are actively initiating connections to the server via TCP or UDP ports.

Then what is the Connection Timeout?

Error Code 10060 (WSAETIMEDOUT)
Connection Timeout occurs when the client application has made a connection to the server application via the port opened by the server, but no response from the application server after a certain period of time.

Cause Connection Timeout

  • The application server is busy.
  • The server application has overloaded or overloaded the connection.
  • The server application hangs or does not respond.
  • The client application connects with a very small timeout (too fast).
  • Your network or internet connection is very slow.

What applications can be affected?

All client applications that connect to server applications can be affected. Internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome can also experience Connection Timeout problems due to the webserver not responding to connections.

PostgreSQL also uses a network socket that opens the default 5432 port, so all applications that connect the database to PostgreSQL Server can experience Connection Timeout problems.

Action to do

  1. Check the server application that serves connections from the client. If the application server hangs or does not respond, then restart the server application.
  2. Check if CPU usage and memory usage is very high. If CPU usage is very high then restart the server or restart the service that is draining the CPU usage and memory usage.
  3. If this problem occurs in the Device, try increasing the Connection Timeout time to the maximum (60 seconds).
  4. If you know this problem occurs in the Server application, please report it to the developer section.
May be useful  and happy coding.
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