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Soal dan Jawaban Latihan Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMK

Soal dan Jawaban Latihan Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMK 

To : Mr. Hassan
From : Mr. Zulfi
Subject : Seminar

Dear Bill,
      A seminar on selling Computerized High Technology will be held at the Mawar Hotel on August 15, 2012, at 1 : 00 pm. Atomic Technology Corporation is conducting the seminar which should be extremely informative.
      We strongly recommed that every member of the sales force attend this seminar. We will of course, pay the entrance fees for all employees who attend, Plase encourage every one to go and please provide me with the name of those who will attend no later than August 1st. I apprecite it.

1. According to its form, the text is ...
a. A. Resume
b. A curriculum vitae
c. A Billing error
d. A Memorandum

2. Who is going to conduct the seminar?
a. Event Organizer
b. Employees Organization
c. Atomic Technology Corporation
d. Computerized High Technology

3. .... and please provide me with the names of those who will attend ... (paragraph 2 sentence 3). The underlined word refers to ...
a. The employees
b. Mr. Hassan
c. Mr. Zulfi
d. The seminar trainers

Text for number 4, 6 and 6
Flights from Yogyakarta to Jakarta
Departure Time
Arrival Time
Bouraq Indonesia
Rp. 2.670.000,-
Merpati Indonesia
Rp. 2.660.000,-
Garuda Indonesia
Rp. 2.710.000,-
Mandala Indonesia
Rp. 2.500.000,-
*Prices, flight times and schedules for flights from Yogyakarta to Jakarta may change. Please search specific dates for the actual schedules.

4.  What is the table about ?
a. Arrival time from Yogyakarta to Jakarta
b. Flights from Yogyakarta to Jakarta
c. Airlines from Yogyakarta to Jakarta
d. Rates from Yogyakarta to Jakarta

5. Which flight is the fastest ?
a. Bouraq Indonesia
b. Merpati Indonesia
c. Garuda Indonesia
d. Mandala Indonesia

6. Please search specific dates for the actual schedule. The underlined word means ...
a. yesterday
b. oldest
c. last to date
d. up to date

7. Diane : Jenny, What are you going to do with your time off?
Fiona : I haven't decided yet. ... and study foreign language.
Diane : But there isn't enough time. You'll have to get a passport and maybe even a visa.
a. Maybe I'll go abroad
b. I will go to the beach
c. I can visit the libary
d. I might be at home

8. Salma : The wind blows and makes this room very, ...?
Viena : Be my guest.
a. Could you turn the lamp off
b. Will you take it for a walk
c. Do you open the window
d. Can I close the door

9. Jeane : Hey, Pia, what else should we pack for our camping trip?
Pie : Well, I think ... to avoid the diseases.
a. we should have a lot of of cakes
b. we should bring a first-aid kit
c. we have to prepare umbrellas
d. we can take some beverages

10. Nanda : What is the main job of a finance manager, Santi?
Santi : I think ...
a. he is in charge of expenses
b. he should keep the garden clean
c. he must take care of some patients
d. he is interested in managing the money

11. Azis : I don't know what to order, I could cat everything on the menu.
Dimar : ....
Aziz : That sounds great. I love fish.
a. You can have beef burger then
b. Why don't you eat eggrolls?
c. You must try the tuna curry
d. How about beefsteak?

12. Customer : Hello, ...?
Officer : Yes, here you are.
Customer : Thank you. And can you show us where the nearest mosque is?
a. Can you direst me to the room
b. Is there a mosque around here
c. Could we have a map, please

13. Olan : Did you come to the meeting yesterday?
Sheila : No. If I hadn't been in Bali for a business trip, ...
a. I would have been there
b. I could meet all the friends.
c. I would have resigned earlier
d. I could be a speaker at the meeting.

14. Bach : we are having a lunch on Monday for Ria and Rio in the company cafetaria.
Tesa : What's the ocassion?
Bach : ... at the end of this month. They've accepted new jobs.
a. They had got married
b. They are going to leave us
c. They will have done some jobs
d. They moved to a new apartment

15. Tiara : What did you use to do when you were a kid?
Irma : ... in our tree house and I even brought my pet rabbit up there!
a. I'm used to using the computer
b. I always want to climb it up
c. I spent times all day
d. I will play chess

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