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Mempresentasikan Produk dalam Bahasa Inggris | Presenting Product

Presenting Product/ Application/ Ideas

Mencoba mempresentasikan produk/aplikasi/ide anda ke publik dengan bahasa inggris?, mungkin materi berikut bisa membantu anda dalam menyusun kalimat yang tepat bagi anda.

Greeting (Salam Pembuka)


  • hello everyone
  • hello everybody
  • hi guys (ditujukan ke orang sebaya/ lebih muda)


  • Good morning ladies and gentlemen

Opening (Pembukaan)


  • first of all, let me introduce myself and members of the team. I am ........ and .......
  • today we are going to present about ........
  • today we are about to present..........
  • our presentstion today is about........
  • we are going to talk about..........


  • first, i would like to introduce myself and team members. my name is...........
  • today, we would like to present about...........
  • we would like to discuss about..........

Closing (Penutupan)


  • i think that's all, any question or comment? 
  • thanks you everyone, goodbye.


  • So, ladies and gentlement, we come to the end of the presentation. is there any question or comment?
  • at last, we would like to say thank you very much for your attention and participation of today's presentation. We'll see you again. Bye.

Text of Presentation Sample

Hello everyone, good morning. today we are going to present about the very helpful aplication, Go-jek.  Before we begin, i want to ask everyonem anyone here already used Go-jek app?

So, i will start to talk about what Go-jek is about. Go-jek is an application that help people's accommodation in various types. there are several features that you san select. the features are Go-ride, Go-car, Go-food, and many more.

Go-food is one of the features that is very popular among young user. it helps users in ordering and delivering food. if you want to order Bakso, for example, and you dont have time to go out, you can use Go-food feature to help you get Bakso. just click on Go-food menu and then type or chose on order at the bottom of your screen. just wait a minute, the applicaton will find you a driver to proceed your order. you also can choose the type of payment you want to use, either cash or go pay. then, you can also track your order to make sure what time your food will comes.

How easy is that? are you interested in using Go-food in Go-jek app? what is your favorite Go-jek feature? Btw, the only weakness is that you cannot order food if isnt Go-food partner, but you can use Go-mart or Go-shop instead!

i think tha's all our presentation today. any question or comment? thanks you and see you.

oke sekian, kalau ada salah penulisan tolong tulis dikomentar. Bye :)
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