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Pembahasan UN SMK Bahasa Inggris 2015/2016

Pembahasan UN SMK Bahasa Inggris 2015/2016

Pembahasan UN SMK Bahasa Inggris 2015/2016

yey, ketemu lagi dengan admin paling gans di blog ini ^_^. setelah sekitar satu bulan libur tidak membuat artikel karena bertepatan bulan suci Ramadhan. kali ini ane bagi sedikit pembahsan Soal Ujian Nasional tahun 2015/2016 mungkin baru sedikit karena masih tahap penulisan, selamat membaca. LoL.

Oh iya lupa. ini saya ambil dari no 16 dst y, karena soal no 1 - 15 berupa listening jadi skip aja wkwkwk XD.

( 16 to 18 )
Pt Natari Corporation is an Indonesian-based company which engaged in infrastructure, telecomunication and plantations. The company's activities comprises general trading, construction, agriculture, mining, industry - especially steel pipe manufacturing, building materials and construction products - telecomunication system, electronic and electrical goods, and investment including equity investment in other companies.

The three core business areas of the company manage: infrastructure support  sector, which participates in accelerting infrastructure programs set by government; telecomunication sector, which further improves the marketing of its products and services in order to maximize profit; and plantation sector, which prominently produces palm oil, latex and natural rubber. As of December 31, 2011, the company owned 22 direct subsidiaries.

1. The Natari Corporation increases the company's market ....
a. through the plantation sector
b. by selling its products cheaply
c. by accelerating infrastructure programs
d. through its telecommunication sector businesses

Paragraf ke-2, kalimat pertama menyelaskan tentang cara meningkatkan pemasaran perusahaan.

2. Which sector of the company often deals with the authority?
a. the plantation sector
b. the investment sector
c. the infrastructure sector
d. the telecommunication sector

Paragraf ke-2, kalimat pertama, pertanyaan tentang bidang usaha yang bekerja sama dengan pemerintah.

3. How does the writer describe PT. Natari?
a. a foreign
b. a franchise business
c. a multi-sector company
d. a new developing branch

Paragraf Pertama, pertanyaan tentang deskripsi penulis mengenai PT. Natari.

( 19 to 20 )
The Feast for the Dead of Torajan
The Torajan are accustomed to colourful feast for the dead offering to make sure that the soul of the dead may pass to the after world with the same status as that they have in this world.
The  ceremony costs much money because the Kin groups will save and work for money for years to prepare this.
A man is considered dead when his funeral feast has been done. At the meantime, the decease is regarded as sick. He is kept in a special house called Tongkonan. He is fed and visited as if he were alive.

4. What is the first paragraph about?
a. House of corpse in Toraja
b. Expensive tradition in Toraja
c. The traditional corpse in Toraja
d. The funeral caremony in Toraja

Paragraf pertama kalimat pertama, pertanyaan tentang isi paragraf pertama.

5. What is Tongkonan?
a. it is a special house for the sick decease
b. it is a special house for the ceremony
c. it is money for the Kin groups
d. it is Torajan colourful feast

Ke-3, kalimat ke-3, pertanyaan tentang apa yang dimaksud tongkonan.

( 21 to 22 )
Levi Strauss came to the United States from Bavaria as a teenager. After spending several years in New York, he made a journey to California when the gold rush was at its peak. He got the idea to sell tents to the gold miners, but they were not interested. He recycled the brown canvas cloth into sturdy pants which became a great demand in mining camps. Later he began making workpants in a blue cotton fabric imported from France, called "Serge de Nimes", but in America as 'Denim'.

Along with Jacob Davis, a tailor from Nevada, Strauss patented a pattern of copper rivets to strengthen the stress point on pants, especially the pocket. They first became known as waist overalls, then "levis". They became so popular that Strauss concentrated most of his effort on the manufacture and sales of the durable work pants.

6. What is the main idea of paragraph one?
a. The life of Levi Strauss
b. The history of gold rush
c. The favourite workpants
d. The early business of Levi

Paragraf pertama, pertanyaan tentang pokok pikiran pada paragraf pertama.

7. We can conclude from the text that?
a. Strauss once lived in France
b. Strauss sold the pants to school
c. The pants had special details on the zipper
d. The material of the pants was called Denim

Paragraf pertama, kalimat terakhir penjelasan tentang kesimpulan dari text.

( 23 to 24 )
My neighbor bought a new computer last week. She asked me to tell her the instruction. Here they are:

  1. Plug the power cord. 
  2. Press the power button on. After a few minutes you will see a windows menu on the monitor.
  3. Look at the left button of the monitor 
  4. Then hold the mouse gently 
  5. Move the arrow pointer on to the “start” menu
  6. Click it 
  7. Click the program menu and choose MS-Word. Now you are ready to type.

8. What should we do after we move the arrow?
a. Move to the arrow
b. Click the start menu
c. Plug the power cord
d. look at the left button

9. According to the text, we know that the computer …
a. Belonged to the writer
b. Was not ready to be used
c. Was bought by the writer
d. Belonged to the writer’s neighbor

Pointview office will be closed from December 28 to January 5 due to New Year's holidays. You may submit your inquiry through the online inquiry forms. However, please note that we will not be able to reply your inquiry during this period.

We will respond to you as soon as possible after the holiday. We apologize for the inconvenience this may take and thank you for your understanding.

10. why will the point-view office cease tranding?
a. because of  the December 28
b. because of  the December holidays
c. because of  the New Year's holiday
d. because of  the online inquiry forms

11. How can the customers send the inquiry application during the closing period?
a. By phone
b. By letter
c. By online
d. By courier

Sofia : Hi, Lina. Are you doing anything special this weekend?
Lina  : I don't know yet. Why?
Sofia : How about coming to my house this Saturday? We're having a party
Lina  : I'm not sure I can. The family might already have other plans
Sofia : Come on! Bring the whole family!
Lina  : OK, I'll give you a call and let you know.

12. How does Sofia know that Lina will come ?
a. Lina will send a message
b. Sofia will tell her family.
c. Lina will an email.
d. Lina will contact her.

Erna : What is your main job as a chef at a hotel?
Juli   : Well, I arrange the menu, supervise the preparation of food, and cook food in the restaurant. I also taste the food for correct seasoning.

13. According to the dialog, which is the responsibility of a chef?
a. to taste the food
b. to serve the menu
c. to clean the room
d. to supervise the hotel

Nina : My school will have an art festival next saturday to celebrate our school
anniversary. And guess what? 'idi  Band' will be performing.
Leo   : That's cool!

14. How does Nina's school celebrate the anniversary?
a. By exhibiting students' work
b. By having students' fair
c. By having an art feast
d. By having band contest

15. Emilia : This is the best steak in the world. Don't you think so?
      Rem    : ... I have eaten it twice.
a. I'm not sure.
b. I aggree with you.
c. No, I don't think so.
d. Yes, it's the best i can do

16. Guest         : What is the best transportation to reduce traffic jam?
      Hotel staff : ..., subway is the best solution.
a. with regard to your answer
b. concerning your speech
c. based on the agreement
d. in my opinion

17. Onodera : It's so cool here
      Chitoge  : ..., and make hot tea for you?
a. would you like me to turn on the AC
b. would you like me to turn on the heater
c. would you like to go out for a while
d. would you like to use our new fan

18. Mother       : It's very noisy. Your little brother is sleeping. ....
      Masamune : Yes, mom.
a. don't turn off the light
b. turn on the light, please
c. turn off the radio, please
d. don't switch off the radio

19. Jane : Where's Souma?
      Joe   : He's in the kitchen now. ... we'll have special guest tonight.
a. He's cooking the diner.
b. He's having breakfast.
c. We're having lunch together.
d. We're eating our meal.

20. Customer : I would like to go to Bali, but i don't know where I should stay ...?
      Staff         : I think you could try the new one in Ubud. Let's browse through the internet.
a. which one is the best, blue or red
b. which hotel would you suggest
c. how about staying in Ubud
d. can we try the new one

21. Woman : What time does the plane from New York take off?
      Man      : ... It will be announced.
      Woman : Thank you.
a. it leaves from New York everyday.
b. it leaves every 5 hours.
c. it leaves from gate 15.
d. it leaves at 5:45

22. Leni : What do you do in your spare time?
      Hani : Well, ....
      Leni : Can you teach me how to make a pancake
a. i like cooking
b. sharing cakes is fun
c. my hobby is singing
d. i like reading magazine

23. Priyo : Do you like the black gown or the pink one?
      Putri  : If you ask me, ....
a. I'd rather wear the newest
b. I prefer the brighter colour
c. I like the most expensive one
d. We'd better have the bigger size

24. Mother You are going to celebrate your 17th birthday. What will you do?
Clara : ... I plan to have a small party with them.
a. I would send some cards.
b. I'll invite my friends.
c. I've gone to the bakeries.
d. I am making invitations.

25. Nina Where did you go last night, Martha?
Martha .... My sister delivered her baby there.
a. I write a receipt for my patient
b. I am undergoing an operation
c. I've bought some medicine
d. I was in the hospital

26. Mr. Anwar : Excuse me. Is my car ready?
Rudy : I'm sorry sir, .... I'm afraid it will be ready this afternoon.
Mr. Anwar : Oh I see, I'll come back later then
a. my car was repaired
b. it's still being fixed
c. your car is not broken
d. the car was fixed and ready

( 42 to 44 )
3519 Front Street
Mount Celebres, CA 65286

October 5, 2015

Ms. Betty Johnson
Accounts Payable The Cooking Store
765 Berliner Plaza
Industrial Point, CA 68534

Dear Ms. Johnson:
It has come to my attention that your company, The Cooking Store has been (27) .... with paying their invoices for the past three months.
In order to encourage our customers to pay for their invoices before the due date, we have implemented a discount model where we’ll give you 2% off if you pay (28) ... within two days of receiving the invoice.
I hope that everything is going well for you and your company. You are one of our biggest (29) ...., and we appreciate your business. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at (555) 555-5555.

Bob Powers

Accounts Receivable

27. a. litle
      b. long
      c. lazy
      d. late

28. a. we
      b. our
      c. us
      d. ours

29. a. producers
      b. customers
      c. fans
      d. idols

( 45 to 47 )
The Ministry of Education (30) ..... a scholarship to 100 senior high school students who fulfil the following requirements.

  1. High interest (31) ..... English and Math, and 
  2. Certified for IT courses, including Office, Photoshop, CorelDraw, AutoCAD. (32) ..... is also allowed for headmaster of the school to give further details.
30. a. asks
      b. gets
      c. plans
      d. give's

31. a. in
      b. on
      c. of
      d. with

32. a. it 
      b. he
      c. she
      d. you

( 48 to 50 )
How to charge a cell phone battery

When the battery level remains around 20% or (33) ...., you should charge the cellphone battery. (34) ....., the cable of the charger to the phone then, plug the charger to the power supply. when the battrey is fully charged, (35) ..... the charger from the supply before removing it from the phone.

33. a. greater
      b. lower
      c. higher
      d. full

34. a. find
      b. unplug
      c. connect
      d. discover

35. a. uninstall
      b. connect
      c. unplug
      d. draw
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