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Latihan Soal dan Jawaban Simulasi Ujian Bahasa Inggris SMK

Latihan Soal dan Jawaban Simulasi Ujian Bahasa Inggris SMK

soal jawaban b inggris

For No 1-2
Attention members
On Friday morning, march 2, the water will be shut off in all locker rooms so that repairs can be done. The exact time will be posted on Thursday, march 12. We apologize for any inconvenience.

1. Where would this notice be seen?

a. at the gym.
b. in the hospital.
c. in a dormitory.
d. at the cafetaria.
e. in the library.

2. What will happen on March 12?
a. The water will not work.
b. The club will be closed.
c. There will be no electricity.
d. The construction will start.
e. Members will be notified details.

For No 3-5
To : park145mail@home
From : seoulbuffetsy@din.com
Re : Customer service

Dear Ms Park,
Thank you for choosing Seoul Buffet for your family lunch. I apologize that you did not enjoy the food service last week. I reviewed the schedule for that day and realized that we were very understaffed. Two of my employees called in sick that day. This does not excuse the poor food and service, but it explains why your experience was unsatisfactory. I hope you will accept my sincere apology.
I would like to invite you and your family back to Seoul Buffet. Please accept this coupon for $10 off your lunch or dinner. If you have time to make a reservation, I promise to seat your family at our VIP table. (on a clear day this table has a fantastic view of ocean)
Best wishes,
Lee Joon Gi
Owner, Seoul Buffet.

3. What does the restaurant owner apologize for?
a. The taste of the food
b. The bad service appearance
c. His employees’ attitudes
d. His restaurant’s
e. The cancelled reservation

4. What excuse does Mr. Lee offers Ms. Park?
a. He was away for vacation.
b. Lunch hours are always bussy.
c. Two of his family members were sick.
d. He didn’t have enough staff that day.
e. The restaurant was closed last week.

5. What does Mr. Lee guarantee if this customer call a head next time?
a. The buffet will be available.
b. The food will be free of charge.
c. The ocean will be visible.
d. The restaurant will take the coupon.
e. The family will be given the best table.

For No 6-8
Megantara, Ltd.

From : Clara Artyasa
: Accounting Department Staff

To Date : September 27
Re : Next Week

I will be out of the office for a conference in Madrid next week, September 4‐8. If you need my help during that time, please contact my assistant, Louisa. Thank you.

6. Clara wrote the memo because ….
a. she needs someone to accompany her to Madrid
b. she has another office accountant
c. she will attend a conference
d. she contacts Louisa to replace her position
e. she contacts Louisa to replace her position

7. From the memo, we know that Clara is ….
a.  Louisa’s assistant
b. the committee of the conference
c. chief of accounting department
d. accounting department staff
e. the friend of clara

8. “If you need my help during that time, please contact my assistant, Louisa.” The underlined word refers to ….
a. Accountant staff’s
b. An office accountant’s
c. Louisa’s
d. Clara’s

For No 9-11

Exxon Mobil Corporation (Exxon Mobil) Profile

Exxon Mobil Corporation (Exxon Mobil) is a manufacturer and marketer of commodity petrochemicals, including olefins, aromatics, polyethylene, and polypropylene plastics and a range of specialty products. It also has interests in electric power generation facilities. The company has a number of divisions affiliated companies of Exxon Mobil operate or market products in the United States and other countries of the world. Their principal business is energy, involving exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas, manufacture of petroleum products and transportation, and sale of crude oil, natural gas and petroleum products. In October 2011, Cosan SA Industria e Comercio bought the distribution assets of Exxon Mobil in Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay. In January 2012, Apache Corporation acquired Exxon Mobil’s Mobil North Sea Limited assets including the Beryl field and related properties.

Adapted from: UN SMK 2013

9. What is Exxon Mobil Corporation principal business?
a. Cars
b. Energy
c. Cellular phone
d.  Foods and beverages

10. When did Apache Corporation acquire Exxon Mobil’s Mobil North Sea Limited assets?
a. In October 2012
b. In October 2011
c. In January 2012
d. In January 2011

11. In how many countries did Cosan SA Industria e Comercio buy the distribution assets of Exxon Mobil?
a. Three
b. Four
c. Five

For No 12-13
Janet Frida's Experiencs 
1. Freelance, Self Employed (Apparel & Fashion Industry)
February 2009 – Present (3 year 2 month) Handling various kinds of design job which you could review from my website. Also writing for a blog at my spare time.
2. Design Team Leader & Product Development P.T Eurogate Malaysia: Higs on International Group (Apparel & Fashion Industry)
October 2000 – December 2008 (8 year 4 months)
3. Art Director P.T. Asiabumi Furukawa (Electrical/ Electronic Manufacturing Industry)
May 1999 – September 2000 (1 year 5 months)

12. What does point 2 mention about Jane ?
a. She is supervising Product Department.
b. She is managing Design Department.
c. She is directing Electronic Industry.
d. She is handling Design Job.

13. What is her job at the moment ?
a. Experienced employee
b. Freelance worker
c. Team leader
d. Art director

For No 14-15

These days, everyone seems to be drinking bottled water. And why not? It’s refreshing, pure, and safe. But if you drink Point Spring’s bottled water, you’ll get more than just a drink of water. You’ll get all of vitamins you need for a day for only a little more money. Drinking one liter of Point Spring is the equivalent of taking the bestselling multivitamin tablet with one hundred percent of the minimum daily requirements of vitamin A, C, and B, possibly all of the vitamin needed for human nutrition. Available in half of liter or a little bottle and in pack of four single bottles.

Adapted from: www.naturalnews.com

14. What is being advertised?
a. Point Spring
b. Recycled bottles
c. Vitamin supplements
d. Bottled water

15. What is the main advantage offered in the advertisement?
a. Cheaper price
b. Refreshing taste
c. Various packs
d. Extra vitamins

16. Viona : I can't believe the stove doesn't work again.
Bob : ..... I'll check the gas.
a. Maybe the gas runs out.
b. You have to clean it regularly.
c. The gas is very expensive.
d. Probably you haven’t turned it on.

17. Vita : Mom, can i play in terrace?
Mother : No, dear. It's raining. ...
a. The terrace is being repaired.
b. Go home before it’s dark.
c. Stay inside until the rain stops.
d. You can play in the garden.

18. Mr. Dilan : ... I'm calling to give Mr.Anthony a special offer from my company.
Receptionist : I'm sorry, Sir. Mr.Anthony is not in the office at the moment. Can i take a message?
a. Excuse me, who is calling?
b. Can I meet your boss?
c. Could you repeat your name?
d. Can I speak to Mr. Anthony, please?

19. Lala : What do you usually do in the morning.
Maya : ....
a. I listen to the music to start my day.
b. I come late to the school.
c. My mother makes me delicious breakfast.
d. Doing my school homework is my hobby.

20. Receptionist : Good afternoon, Salero Indonesia Restaurant. How can I help you?
Hanum : Yes. ....
Receptionist : Certainly. How many people would it be?
a. I need a single room for two days.
b. May I reserve a plane ticket to Medan?
c. I’d like to make a dinner reservation for tonight.
d. Can I book two tickets for the concert?

21. Tourist : I've spent almost half an hour to find the zoo. Can you show me where it is?
Vio : Of course. ...
Tourist : Thanks you very much
a. Come to the town and I’ll show you the center of the city.
b. Go across this street, the bank is beside the post office.
c. Find the zoo, and you’ll see the tall building next to it
d. Go along this street. It’s next to the museum.
22. Kansa : I came late this morning because the traffic jam was so terrible.
Sitha : I also got the same experience yesterday. I would've arrived late if...
a. I hadn’t got up late
b. I didn’t take a bus
c. I hadn’t left earlier
d. I didn’t drive a car ---

23. Opik : What are you going to do this weekend?
Joni : ... My friends will have a theatrical production in the auditorium.
a. I’ll have an overtime job.
b. I’ll buy some new books for my collection.
c. I’m going swimming with my cousins.
d. I’m going to see a performance.

24. Citra : How was your holiday? i heard you went to bali.
Intan : ... Bali is a perfect destination for holiday
a. I would enjoy my trip.
b. What a brilliant idea.
c. It was really great.
d. You should go there someday.

25. Alfa : Look! there is a circus. Let's see it.
Father : ... they must have been trained for a long time
a. There are many people watching it.
b. The animals are playing their roles well.
c. The people are clapping along.
d. The monkey is very big.

For No 26-27
How to Cross the Street Safely

There’s more to pedestrian safety than looking both ways. These guidelines follow the recommendations of the national highway traffic safety administration. Choose a corner where cars tend to slow down the most. When crossing the street look to your left, to your right, and to your right again before crossing the street again. Continue looking to the side as you proceed once you have determined that you can cross the street safely. Understand and obey crossing signals, do not start to cross until the walk sign appears, but if you have already started to cross the street get to the other side as quickly as possible. Remain alert to driver’s light, engine noises and other indications of oncoming cars both before and as you cross the street.

Taken from www.how-to-cross.com

26. What is the purpose of the text?
a. To inform how to cross a street safely
b. To tell people not to follow the recommendations of the administration.
c. To inform how to learn and understand crossing signals.
d. To tell us how to react to oncoming cars.

27. When can we start to cross the street according to text?
a. When we find a corner where cars slow down.
b. When the walk sign shows up.
c. After we get down from cars
d. When we see driver’s light and hear engine noises

For No 28-30
How to Mend a Puncture
- Remove the cause of the puncture, e.g. nail.
- Press the valve to let air out of inner tube.
- Remove the outer tire off.
- Pump the tube and press it. Locate the tube slowly under the water. Air bubbles indicate the position of the puncture.
- Take the tube out of water and rub the punctured area with cloth. clean it with sand paper.
- Spread rubber gum over the punctured area and place a ptch over it. Press down hard and let it dry.
- Pump up the tube again, check the air doesn't escape from the punctured area. Let air out. Put the tube back into the tire.
- Put tire back on the rim. Pump the tube. The bicyle is ready for ride.

28. The purpose of the text above is to inform us about ....
a. How to ride a bike.
b. How to fix a bike.
c. How to mend a tire.
d. How to remove a tire.

29. What should you do after you put the tube under water?
a. Clean the air bubbles.
b. Pump the tube.
c. Remove the bike.
d. Use a sandpaper to clean the tube.

30. "Press down hard and let it dry” What do you think is the purpose of this action?
a. To let the air out of the tube.
b. To make the puncture completely covered.
c. To let the water goes into the tube.
d. To ease us in cleaning the tube.

31-50 Coming soon!

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