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7 Habits to Avoid During the Rainy Season

7 Habits to Avoid During the Rainy Season

Habits to Avoid During the Rainy Season

When the rainy season comes inevitably, it brings joy to everyone. Moreover people are single, because they do not have a partner to get out of the house. Because at that time people can laze at home moments. However, be aware there are habits to be avoided if the rainy season comes.
As :

1. Lazy Exercise

This is often done by everyone. Because the air that occurs during the rainy season comes to make lazy to do all activities whatever, even more exercise. Do not exercise when it rains. Do sports that can be done in the yard of the house. Such as jogging or flexing the body muscles with a warm up first.

2. Watching television
Usually the rainy season is synonymous with snacks and a good television show, comfortable. Actually this is okay but better try not to do this habit too often, because it can cause a sense of laziness to do all the activities and also when there is lightning is very dangerous. You should use that time into something useful like cleaning your house or cooking.

3. Wearing a Damp Apparel
Wet clothes will certainly accumulate during the rainy season, in the absence of sunlight. Many people often use moist clothing. So, not so dry yet still a bit wet. Better avoid this habit because it can make you sick. One of the quickest ways to dry clothes by slowly steering them.

4. Eat Too Often
Because the cool air calm must make the stomach quickly hungry, now consequently too often eat. Avoid eating foods that are too much sugar and carbohydrates. Better to consume food or drink that can warm the body. Like, wedang ginger and warm soup.

5. Too Much Sleep
Excessive sleep is also not good lho for health. Because, the normal time to sleep adults about 8 hours. If excessive sleep can cause problems for the health of the body and some organs in the body to be not running as mestinnya other than that, making the body becomes not fresh.

6. Lazy To Go Home
In addition, during the rainy season most people prefer to stay at home rather than having to travel. This is certainly not good, because if you travel you can breathe fresh air and cool when the rain has. This will refresh the body and remove the feeling of laziness from within your body.

7. Warm Water bath
Warm bath in the rainy season will make the body feel comfortable. However, do not bathe too often use warm water. Because the pores on the body will be closed and make the skin lose moisture and result in dry skin. Occasionally during the rainy season come bath with cold water so that the body feels fresh and fresh.

okay so much from me, do not forget breakfast because breakfast is more delicious than expectation
Agus Dwi
Agus Dwi Selalu ada cara lain untuk menjadi lebih baik dari hari ini.

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