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6 ways to cope with boredom while studying

 6 ways to cope with boredom while studying

ways to cope with boredom while studying
as humans we must often get bored, especially if we do something and too focused with what we do, one of them is learning. on this occasion I will tip tackling bored while studying. see and practice yes

1. Find a comfortable place
you can learn while sitting sitting in the courtyard of a lush house. a peaceful atmosphere will make us relax.

2. Combine with music
this is a suitable way to overcome the saturation while learning. slow music strains fit to accompany you while studying.

3. While eating snacks
learning by eating is also a great way to accompany your learning. because you are unconsciously doing activities that eliminate boredom.

4. Imagine what purpose you are learning
Objectives have a huge impact on us when we want to achieve something. Whether it's a value, an app from ranking or participating in an Olympics for example.

5. Position your body properly
If you learn while sleeping, gradually you will surely fall asleep. It would be very difficult to hold back from sleep.
If you study while sleeping psychologically, the body will mean that you are not ready and serious to learn. Your body will respond that the book or lesson you are learning is not very important to learn. The population is the right attitude to learn.

6. Get in the habit of learning
If you continue to do it continuously then, slowly but surely you will have a habit to learn and good discipline. That way, you can overcome the lazy habits of learning within you.

good luck to learn..!!
Agus Dwi
Agus Dwi Selalu ada cara lain untuk menjadi lebih baik dari hari ini.

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